This game is about stealing art from museums. As a kid, I was lucky enough to travel quite a lot, and I have been in many museums as a result. The one trait that they all seem to share was a feeling of intense, almost aggressive boredom. So, my brother, father, and I planned out elaborate heists and methods to steal art rather than appreciate it as my mother intended. I really enjoyed planning those out when I was young, spotting cameras, methods of entry, and imagining the ways I could use them, and so I wanted to make a game reminiscent of those planned heists.

I almost always enjoy coding games. I will happily chug along learning new languages to solve problems, how to use raycasts to move the player, and how to have several cameras rendering simultaneously. I like to think I am pretty good at those aspects. But when it comes to Maya, I am clueless. Ideally in the future I will be working on a team where my strengths as a programmer can be emphasized, and my gaps in the development of assets can be filled by other members.

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